Pokies: A Complete Hand-Guide For The Beginner! 

Do you think pokies is just about placing your bets and turning the reels? Well, you need more information! These machines are quite complex and require certain well-planned, coherent strategies before you can think of winning big. Given the variety of games in this segment, if you wish to have some fun time and again win big, this is a great option. 

As you scroll down this article, you will get a comprehensive idea of – the primary features of this game, what you must do to win this game, and some quick tips that you are unaware of. Let’s give you a glimpse of the same – 

What are the key features of pokies game?

In this section, you will be introduced to some interesting features of pokies that would enhance your planning and better your winning chances – 

  • Opting for AI-enabled games – 

I you are a newbie entering the enticing domain of pokies nz, go for the ones that are AI-powered and use robotic intelligence. Unlike the normal ones (though they are quite brilliant in themselves), the AI-empowered ones enhance the winning levels, and you can apply a wider number of strategies in this case. 

  • Keeping the rate small – 

There are free spins, medium-budget wins, and large jackpots in the variety of available pokies. Most casinos publicize the high-budget games since the stakes on these are comparatively higher. However, unknowingly, it is the low-budget ones that pay you the most, if not the maximum. You must understand that when playing medium/high-level games, you must apply supreme strategies (better suitable for pro players). However, the lower the level, the easier the applied strategy and, thus, the higher the chances of winning. 

  • Multiple operators/ multiple returns on investment – 

Do you know that different game operators pay you differently? That’s the whole point of pokies. It is crucial that you check the specifics of the gamer before you invest since the return rate is different for specified hosts. So, as a newbie, go for smaller shots, apply the strategies (that you will get by scrolling down this article one by one), and then try to adapt yourself to this game. 

These are some of the key features you must remember when starting a pokies game. Let’s now get you straight to the strategies of this game – 

Strategies you must know about 

Assuming you have been reading this content, you are aware of some of the key features of this game. Now, it is time to concentrate on the strategies you must follow for this game. Giving you a glimpse of the same – 

Strategy 1 – Whether you are a pro or not – there’s nothing beating the ratings of Return To People (RTP). Though most pokies promise an average of 94.5% RTP, look for those that offer 97-98%. 

Strategy 2 – While choosing a game, look for one that maximizes the in-game bonuses. From scatters to free spins, ensure that you pick a maximum of them! 

Strategy 3 – Even though the volatility levels are quite low in this game, you must go in for minimal payouts and free spins at the beginning. Since you are just learning the ropes of this game, stick to the ones that ask for a minimal/no payment and get into the winning zone. After that, you can keep increasing your investment step by step. 

Strategy 4 – Though for newbies, the losses are minimal (next to negligible) – but when you do lose, it’s time to stop it. As you know already, pokies are extremely addictive; therefore, you might want to play even after losing. But apply this strategy – say you lose, try once more, and then switch. At times, certain games do not favor your playing strategy at that point in time. To win big, you must switch the game. After two shots of the new game, come back to the old game and try out a new plan – most likely, you will win. 

Strategy 5 – The last strategy you must apply for pokies is – to withdraw your money after a game! Yes, as atrocious as it may sound, but the idea behind this is that – every game has certain rewards. Say you won the game and the associated rewards, and if you do not withdraw and invest the same money again, then these old rewards become invalid and are suppressed under the new rewards. So, to get the best of your game – apply the abovementioned tricks to win the game, withdraw the money, get the rewards, and engage in the game again. 

These 5 strategies are the one-shot answer to everyone who is looking forward to winning the pokies game – from a novice to a pro. 

Cautionary measures to look out for – 

  1. It is no secret that you must check the credentials of the casino before you kickstart your game. But along with that, also check the pay rates and the return rates that you will be getting in case of a washout (rare, but not unlikely). In that case, ensure at least that you get the base return amount. 
  2. Check out the pay lines and due awards for yourself. Though mostly, with the Malta Authority regulating details and rules, the chances of fraudulence have reduced significantly, but it is definitely not out of the league. So, choose one that has multiple pay lines and a small initial investment so that you can at least win something out. 
  3. Go for the ones that allow cash and card payments rather than the ‘only crypto’ format. Since bitcoin is recognized legally by only certain countries, you might get entangled in non-payment issues. 

Therefore, as an aware player (especially a pro), take these features and cautionary tales into consideration – as well as apply the strategies well. 

Parting thoughts 

Pokies are one of the best games that casinos have brought forth. Whether it’s the variety or the unique strategies that it uses, without a doubt, there’s nothing that you won’t enjoy in this game. If you still haven’t checked out its strategies and game plan, it is time to see the specifics right away. 

On a parting note, it is crucial that whether you are a newbie or a pro, do check the specifics of the casino where you are playing your shot.