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Samsung Galaxy A33 Mobile Price in Bangladesh 2022

Samsung Galaxy A33 Mobile Price in Bangladesh 2022
Brand: Samsung
Category: Mobile Phone Specifications & Price in Bangladesh

  • Released Date
    2022, April 20

  • OS
    Android 12, One UI 4.1

  • Camera
    48MP 2160p

  • Display
    6.4" 1080x2400 pixels

  • RAM

  • Storage
    128/256 GB

  • Battery
    5000mAh Li-Po

  • Processor
    Exynos 1280


Our Rating

The overall rating is based on review by our experts

  • Call Quality 8 / 10
  • Battery 9 / 10
  • Camera 7 / 10
  • Connectivity 8 / 10
  • Design 9 / 10
  • Features 8 / 10
  • Performance 8 / 10
  • Usability 8 / 10


[i2pc pros_icon=”icon icon-thumbs-up” cons_icon=”icon icon-thumbs-down” show_title=”false” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=”Pros” cons_title=”Cons” ][i2pros]IP67-rated design, attractive and seamless form.
Dependable battery life.
Great photo and video quality, lossless 2x zoom.
Stereo speakers with good quality.
Latest Android and One UI.
5G, NFC, microSD.
Excellent performance for this price range.
90Hz AMOLED for smooth browsing.
[/i2pros][i2cons]Last year’s Galaxy A52s is cheaper and better.
Video stabilization only available in 1080p.
No charger in the box.
3.5 mm audio jack is gone this year, too.


Samsung Galaxy A33 Mobile Price in Bangladesh
Samsung Galaxy A33 Mobile Price in Bangladesh

It is great news that a mid-range phone from Samsung can give so many good feelings without having to spend a thousand euros on the high-end of the South Korean firm. Obviously, there are aspects that can be improved or that have not been so popular, but the conclusions that I have drawn after two weeks of testing this Samsung Galaxy A33 are quite clear. I have been using it as a personal mobile for all day-to-day tasks, be it to enter social networks, take pictures, listen to music, play games, or scroll through YouTube or Twitch. In this article, I am going to give you all the keys to the good and the bad of this Samsung mobile for 2022.

Like all copies of the Galaxy A family, it is a mid-range terminal that has more interesting features accompanied by obvious cuts that would not be found in a top-brand mobile. In other words, it’s a Galaxy S with a lower-end processor and camera, plus humbler build materials.

Looking at the features, it is clear that it is a device without complications, which has nothing to envy the mid-range models from China. It has the Exynos 1280, which exceeds in power and efficiency other power chips such as the Snapdragon 695, a processor assembled for terminals of the same range and with a similar price.


Looking at the features, it is clear that it is a device without complications, which has nothing to envy the mid-range models from China. It has the Exynos 1280, which exceeds in power and efficiency other power chips such as the Snapdragon 695, a processor assembled for terminals of the same range and with a similar price.

Samsung Galaxy A33 Mobile Price in Bangladesh
Samsung Galaxy A33 Mobile Price in Bangladesh

What did attract attention, being a phone for less than 46,690 Tk, was the minimalism in its packaging? And it is that when discovering the box for the device, I was surprised by the little thickness of it, but instantly understood everything. When I opened the box, I saw that it only contained the terminal, the charging cable, and the pin to remove the SIM tray, so the charger’s power adapter was conspicuous by its absence. It is something that we have already seen in the firm’s high-end models, as happened in the Galaxy S21, but it seems that this is becoming common practice within the company. So, if you haven’t had a Samsung lately, you’ll have to add another 2,500 TK to the basket, which is the price of the brand’s official adapter.


Samsung Galaxy A33 Mobile Price in Bangladesh
Samsung Galaxy A33 Mobile Price in Bangladeshhttps:

Apart from that detail, which is less striking, the next thing that jumps out is the design of the terminal and how it feels at hand. The construction materials are not the most premium in the world, especially for their back cover, with a somewhat rough plastic to sit well in the hand and a matte tone in any of the colors that are available. The touch is quite pleasant, apart from the fact that it does not slip easily from the hand.

The module that covers the four rear cameras on this Samsung Galaxy A33 mount is made of the same material, which protrudes slightly from the surface and gives it a little inclination when resting it on a table or on a flat surface. However, it does not have too much jump or very pronounced edges. Where you will not have problems is in the resistance, because it is IP67 certified to work in dust and water. The sensations of having this terminal in your hand are of comfort and ergonomics, which are also helped by relatively well-used margins and a fairly good thickness.

I say relatively because only the lower margin is the one that spoils the work achieved by Samsung in this terminal. It is true that it is very normal to find this format in the mid-range because it is where the USB-C input and one of the speakers are located, but it is worth asking to improve this aspect. Oh, and don’t waste your time searching for the 3.5mm headphone jack, because that’s history on the new Galaxy A family.

On the top, it has a drop-type notch or Samsung Infinity-U design (which disappears with the Infinity-O of its older brother, the A53 5G ), a second speaker for audio output, and a SIM card tray. just above. On the right edge are both the unlock button and the volume control, while the left side is completely smooth. A feature that I really liked is the location of the fingerprint reader, which is located under the screen. Although it is in several models, it is not common to see this in the mid-range, where it is more likely to be included in the Power


If I had to make positive points about this terminal, one would surely be dedicated to the screen. In this, Samsung leaves no loose ends because it has a technology that allows it to make spectacular screens, whatever the price range. This great work has been done by the firm for many years, but the result continues to surprise me when I watch a video or simply browse the applications.

It is a title that no manufacturer has yet managed to steal thanks to the AMOLED technology of its panels. What I like the most about these panels is the level of contrast and the vivid colors that the image shows, creating that wow effect that any Samsung user boasts. Just in case, the system lets you calibrate the white balance and opt for a paler contrast, but I sincerely enjoy it like a child when I see so much liveliness on a mobile screen, even if it does not have the highest quality resolution.

The quality is exactly what I am going to deal with now. This terminal will not be an exception to the trend of finding FullHD + resolution in the mid-range. The result that I have found in video playback is more than enough for the vast majority of users, with very sharp images, although the vivid colors of the AMOLED panel help a lot.

On the other hand, it has some “buts” that it is important to point out. Apart from the lower frame, the fact of not having a refresh rate at 120 Hz hampers the experience a bit, although it is still quite fluid, as I will explain later. At least it stays at 90 Hz, which is still faster than 60 Hz, which can be activated in case you ever want to extend battery life.


The part arrives where I confirm if this mobile is powerful enough to withstand everything that is thrown at it, or if it is simply used for the most basic of mobile phones. To begin with, the move from MediaTek to Exynos with respect to the Galaxy A32 5G is notable, where there is a jump from the Dimensity 720 to the Exynos 1280. The clearest difference is that the first chip was the most modest of those compatible with 5G, while the Samsung processor is more powerful. It is made of 5 nanometers of silicon and is designed to provide high-end features in a low-cost mobile device. In addition, it is accompanied by 6 or 8 GB of RAM and has 128 or 256 GB of storage that is expandable.

With this presentation, it is inevitable to think that the increase in power in this generation has been greatly improved. In practice, this terminal moves very smoothly through any application, be it Instagram, TikTok, Discord, Google Chrome, or when browsing a news feed. It also works seamlessly when switching between videos on YouTube or playing different streams on Twitch. It takes a tenth of a second to perform actions like opening the phone settings or multitasking, so the experience has been very satisfying, at least for me.

As for the games, I couldn’t expect less. I have tried the most demanding titles, such as NBA 2K Mobile, FIFA, or PUBG Mobile; even the simplest ones, like Combat Quest or Hyperforma. The sensation in all of them is the same, with a fluidity that does not make me think that I am in a midrange. Obviously, it is not the most efficient or fastest processor because the price difference with a high-end model is minimal, but the performance is impressive.


I am one of those who places great value on the personalization layer of mobile phones because it is the intermediary with which I can interact with the functions of the terminal and the one that executes my orders. I consider it to have practically 50% of the decision-making power when buying a smartphone, so it must provide comfort, and utility and be tremendously fluid.

If I’m honest, I was one of the biggest skeptics when Samsung started its journey to develop One UI and completely retire TouchWiz UI. In the beginning, it still suffered from being a very heavy layer and having various flow problems. Over time, my opinion has changed for the better, and it must be recognized that Samsung is doing a very good job with its software. I’m not saying that it’s the best layer in the entire Android market, but it has become a more efficient and more comfortable system to use. In addition, Samsung takes the issue of updates very seriously, both in terms of the addition of new Android versions to its catalog and the development of its customization layer.

It really is a layer that gives similar sensations to those of Chinese manufacturers, such as MIUI or Realme UI. I mean, one UI is a layer that you either love or hate, with no middle ground there. In my case, which is a very humble opinion and not at all absolutist, I am loving the experience that this layer offers for several reasons. The main one is that everything works as it should, very smoothly and quickly when opening applications or performing different tasks, without unexpected application closures or malfunctions.

In addition, it is a layer that adds value due to the different functions that Samsung has developed. It is true that it is still overwhelming to see so many applications and extra functions , with an endless suite of programs (Samsung Health, Shop, Wearable, AR, Game Center, Switch, Pay…), but it does not affect the performance of the device at all, without any trace of bloatware . With the 90 Hz rate, the animations are very colorful and the system feels like it is floating across the screen.


In the absence of problems in the operation of the device, I have found a small black point. It is something that I did not expect to find at this point in the film, even more so in a Samsung terminal. I am referring to the connectivity section; more specifically, the stability of the connection with a Wi-Fi network, the result of which has not been as expected. To begin with, it is important to highlight the setback in the technology that has been used with respect to this generation. In this Galaxy A33, Wi-Fi 5 has been chosen, while the A32 already had the sixth generation.

I don’t know if it is due to the change in processor or if it is my unit that suffers from this connection failure, but working with a Wi-Fi network on this mobile has been hellish. With no apparent connection issues, notifications frequently stopped coming and app content wouldn’t load, not to mention problems playing a title that required an internet connection. I have tried reconnecting the Wi-Fi and resetting the network settings, but none of that has been able to solve this unstable connection. And it has not been a failure of my home network at all, because the rest of the devices that I have at home have worked like a charm. Without a doubt, it is a great negative aspect of this experience with the Galaxy A33.


In this section, Samsung gives one of lime and one of sand. On the one hand, this Samsung Galaxy A33 5G offers a majestic 5,000 mAh battery, maintaining what was already in the previous generation. With the efficiency of the Exynos processor and a fairly contained screen resolution, the autonomy of the terminal becomes another of its strengths when evaluating your purchase. In my case, it has lasted me long enough for the whole day, reaching the night without needing to be charged and with enough battery to spend a few hours on the second day. My use has been quite intermediate, mainly entering social networks, Twitch, and playing occasionally.

Once you have given me the sand, now it’s time for the lime. The other negative aspect of this battery, apart from having to buy the charger adapter, is its fast charge, which is infinitely inferior to its competition. It is not well seen that a mid-range terminal close to 400 euros has a capacity of 25 W when other models in the same price range have 50 or even 67 W. It is not critical to the phone’s operation, and you will continue to have a moderately fast load, but if that technology is available and others are using it, what is less than taking advantage of it?


In this field, the Samsung Galaxy A33 5G is not going to disappoint at all either. The presence of a double speaker corresponds to a very standardized mid-range trend, allowing for better audio output and clearer sound than a single speaker.

But that doesn’t mean anything, because the sound could be disastrous and be heard worse than on a low-end mobile. This is not the case, with a very clear surround sound with the two audio outputs, one from below and one from the top of the terminal. Playing YouTube videos, the bass is very successful, and with the volume at maximum, there is no saturation, so the sound result is not bad at all.


One of the most important parts of a terminal arrives, even more so in the case of a terminal with so many expectations in the photographic section. To review the characteristics, this mobile has four sensors: a main 48-megapixel sensor and three auxiliary ones dedicated to ultra-wide angle, macro, and another depth sensor. I had to see if the Galaxy A family of 2022 had made the necessary camera advancements.

Samsung Galaxy A33 Mobile Price in Bangladesh
Samsung Galaxy A33 Mobile Price in Bangladesh

The main sensor has given me many good surprises for a result that I did not expect at all in this Galaxy A33 5G. During the day, the level of detail is very remarkable, with a high definition of the elements and a great dynamic range of images. The same goes for contrast and colors, where the main sensor does a special job of displaying vivid colors with an extra touch of saturation, something typical of good Samsung cameras. In normal use, the macro and depth sensors go unnoticed, though the ultra-wide angle can be useful in some situations.

In general, on days with sun and clouds, you will get really incredible effects, even in very cloudy moments, like in the photographs I have taken. I am not afraid to say that it is the best main sensor in the mid-range or at least one of the three best.

During the night, it is clear that performance drops significantly, as with any mobile in its range. It still maintains that oversaturated contrast and with slightly warmer colors, but it loses in detail and definition. In addition, the typical noise appears when the light shines in its absence. The result is not going to be bad, but keep in mind that it is very unlikely that you will be able to get a worthy image for a photography contest.

As for the selfie, a very curious thing happens. From a distance and at first glance, the result appears to be remarkable, with a high level of detail in the image. However, when I start to zoom in and get closer to a certain part of the photo, I see everything pixelated and without a decent level of definition in the image. However, when I start to zoom in and get closer to a certain part of the photo, I see everything pixelated and without a decent level of definition. This result, seeing that it is a 13-megapixel front sensor, does not surprise me, although in bright light conditions you will not have much trouble taking a good photo.

The video is another of the great surprises of this camera, both for the level of quality and for the stabilization when recording. The overall result is quite good, but by choosing the FullHD 60 FPS mode, you will have a smoother and more natural recording of what you are capturing. At night, there are more problems focusing and finding a specific object in the absence of light, but in general, lousy videos will not come out.

As for the app, there is not much history to find. It is a fairly familiar format among Android manufacturers, since it has the shutter and photographic modes at the bottom, while at the top of the interface are the timer, resolution level, and flash options. In addition, it allows you to adjust whether the automatic HDR is activated or not, as well as the super slow and super fast camera modes.

This Samsung Galaxy A33’s conclusions

The final conclusions arrive, and the summary of everything that this Samsung Galaxy A33 has seemed to me It is a terminal that, at first glance, is not flashy or stands out for anything in particular, but it wins you over as you spend days with it. I am not afraid to say that it is one of the best mid-range smartphones that you can find on the market for 2022, as long as Xiaomi or Realme do not come up with something crazy in the remainder of the year.

The reasons to think so are that it has a very good screen, a remarkable performance for any requirement, a smooth user experience, great autonomy, and the best main camera in its range. All this good stuff is on the market for about 35,000 Tk, so the value for money is more than achieved.

But not all the mount is oregano because it is not a mobile or an 800 or a 1,000, so the absences have to be shown somewhere. Some are as incomprehensible as the fact that the box does not include the charger adapter, something that can only be accepted in the high range, because, with this price range, nobody is going to spend extra on the charger if there is another brand that includes it for free. As for the device itself, the big absences are the 120 Hz refresh rate, the headphone jack, and a more powerful fast charge, in addition to my problem with Wi-Fi, which has undoubtedly been the biggest negative aspect of this experience with the Samsung Galaxy A33 5G.

And if something had to be dispensed with, it would be the auxiliary cameras (macro and depth), since the main sensor is the true protagonist of the excellent photos that this Samsung Galaxy A33 takes. Despite its flaws, this purchase is highly recommended for the price and benefits it provides. Let’s hope that Samsung does not stop there and continues to improve the level of its mid-range.


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