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Samsung Galaxy S22 5G Mobile Price in Bangladesh 2022

Samsung Galaxy S22 5G Mobile Price in Bangladesh 2022
Brand: Samsung
Category: Mobile Phone Specifications & Price in Bangladesh

  • Released Date
    2022, February 25

  • OS
    Android 12, One UI 4.1

  • Camera
    50MP 4320p

  • Display
    6.1" 1080x2340 pixels

  • RAM

  • Storage
    128/256 GB UFS 3.1

  • Battery
    3700mAh Li-Ion

  • Processor
    Exynos 2200/Snapdragon 8 Gen 1


Our Rating

The overall rating is based on review by our experts

  • Call Quality 9 / 10
  • Battery 8 / 10
  • Camera 9 / 10
  • Connectivity 9 / 10
  • Design 9 / 10
  • Features 9 / 10
  • Performance 9 / 10
  • Usability 9 / 10

My Experience With The Samsung Galaxy S22 After A Month Of Use

Samsung Galaxy S22 5G Mobile Price in Bangladesh 2022

I have spent a little over a week using the Samsung Galaxy S22 as my primary mobile phone. It is the base member of the Samsung Galaxy S22 family, which sets standards in design, camera technology, its 50-megapixel sensor for the main lens, its Exynos 2200 processor, and its 45-watt fast charge. But can we consider it a premium phone with these features and its 74,990 TK price? Does he meet what is expected of him? Can you get buts? Well, I’m telling you yes. And to tell you how it has worked in my hands and my pockets, you have all this detailed analysis of experiences and sensations.

The Perfect Size for a Large Screen 

If there is one thing that I like above all else in Samsung mobiles, it is their panels. The Korean brand has been the undisputed king of AMOLED panels for years, and generation after generation they manage to improve by adding details and improvements. This Samsung Galaxy S22 is proof of this, although its status as a “little” brother is noticeable in some aspects beyond size.

But let’s go in parts. The first thing to say is that it is a panel with Dynamic AMOLED X2 technology, with which it achieves really good contrast, along with very saturated colors and a lot of brightness (here it comes, but I’m warning you). As for its resolution, it stays at a more than worthy Full HD + and, of course, it reaches a 120 Hz refresh rate (adaptive mode). 

And it does all this on a 6.1-inch screen size, which seemed to me to be the best of this whole set. The mobile has a more compact size than the usual high-end terminals and can be operated with one hand without too many problems. It’s a large but affordable screen for those of us who don’t have particularly large hands.

Samsung Galaxy S22 5G Mobile Price in Bangladesh 2022

I spent last week watching videos, playing video games, and taking photos with it in FullHD + resolution. At this screen size, I don’t think more resolution is particularly appreciated. And considering that he is not the most prominent brother in the family, it seems like a wise decision. But I have also found “failures” or “buts” during these days of use. The most pressing has been the appearance of the colors under the intense light of the sun. 

And it is that, on days when Lorenzo has looked strong, the screen enters a kind of super brightness mode where the colors are half off, like polarized, and the brightness of the panel seems to fight against the sun’s rays. Luckily, by putting yourself in the shade or throwing the shadow of your hand, the sensor seems to return to normal and display everything correctly on the screen. The good thing is that, even in a fair sun, the screen is fully visible at maximum brightness. There is no moment where the brightness of this panel does not let us see the contents.

Samsung Galaxy S22 5G Mobile Price in Bangladesh 2022

The other problem is the sensitivity of the panel. Something that should act as an advantage, but that has been uncomfortable for me in terms of ergonomics. For example, when I wanted to use only one hand to take a picture, the size of the mobile and the screen allowed it. However, although the option to avoid accidental touches is active, it has been uncomfortable for me to press with the gizzard of my big finger on the margins of the panel. Or with any other finger when holding the mobile. Something that would greatly improve the user experience for those who bet on ergonomic mobiles if it had better calibration. The good thing is that, in most cases, this panel is made to enjoy everything you see or play on the terminal. Without being at the top of the market, of course. That was taken by the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Good Construction But with Deficiencies.

I have been on a Samsung team in the field of construction for several generations. After having tried premium and mid-range mobiles from different manufacturers, one realizes that the material is not everything. And neither does the design. The assembly of the pieces, the sensations in the hand, and also during use also matter. The server has been tortured on occasion with “high-end” mobile phones that specialize in ripping hair out of your head with their edges and nooks and crannies when you put them up to your ear to talk on the phone. And here, Samsung has always known how to do things very well. Materials, construction, design, balance… But it seems to be starting to lag behind.

This Samsung Galaxy S22 is one more example of Samsung’s experience when it comes to creating good terminals. The materials are high-quality, with aluminum and glass reinforced with Gorilla Glass Victus and certified as IP68 to withstand dust and water. So far, so good. However, the market has evolved, and the rest of the manufacturers have accustomed us to other extras, although their mobiles did not meet these quality standards. 

I am referring to elements that are already basic and that we all use, such as the protective screen cover or a simple transparent silicone cover included in the box. I guess in their quest to save the planet by reducing the cardboard in their boxes, they don’t have room for more content. 

even if it’s basic. Because the case is more personal and they have really cool design and appearance options, what about the tempered glass or plastic case to prevent screen scratches? Since they don’t put in the power adapter for the charger Anyway,

This is The Main Camera’s Best Performance in Terms of Contrast and Sharpness

Another key point of this Samsung Galaxy S22 is the camera. And it’s nice to see how Samsung has finally managed to take a step forward in this regard and catch up with the market. All this, after having tested the Galaxy S22 Ultra with the consistency and coherence that is maintained throughout the Samsung Galaxy S22 family. Despite the different sensors in each mobile phone, the photos are rich in detail and finally sharp and enjoyable, even if you zoom in on the gallery. All this with a couple of maxims that stand out in all the captures: the definition and, above all, the contrast. 

Samsung Galaxy S22 5G Mobile Price in Bangladesh 2022

I have quite enjoyed and used it in almost all kinds of scenarios with the main camera of this Samsung Galaxy S22. It is 50 megapixels, but I think the key leap has come in the software that processes all the information and in the artificial intelligence that improves the capture. 

With this sensor, it doesn’t matter too much if there is a lot of light in the environment; the result is usually clear and defined, with realistic colors and a high dynamic range that helps to see all these details even if the contrast is strong. In fact, it has been on days where the light comes filtered by clouds, clear and dark, that I have been able to appreciate the best results. The Rainbow photos are the best example. 

By the way, the best way to get photos is still the Detail Optimizer mode when you select the 50-megapixel 3:4 mode. With it, several captures are taken to get the best of a 50-megapixel photo but with all the color and light elements of more photos. All united by Artificial Intelligence.

In addition, that consistency that I was talking about above is transferred to the different cameras of the mobile. although with poorer results in wide-angle and telephoto. Here, more light is needed to achieve that definition of the main objective. Even so, brightness, contrast, and colors are represented fairly reliably. Of course, the results worsen in dark or night environments. If I didn’t want the definition to be lost, I had to make more attempts and spend more time. 

Samsung Galaxy S22 5G Mobile Price in Bangladesh 2022

Where the photographic section of the Samsung Galaxy S22 has surprised me for the worse is in the selfies. Well, specifically, in portrait mode. Selfies with natural light are defined by being able to count each one of the hairs on my beard. Without light, these selfies hold their own, but don’t ask for a definition. 

The problem is that the portrait mode on the selfie camera eats up a lot of detail. At least the days I’ve tried it. glasses frames, hair strands Details that I did not see happen so markedly in the S22 Ultra, and that should not happen if the same processor and all the photographic technology are maintained. However, it happens. Not so much when using the main camera; here the portrait mode works as expected. It’s not the most natural portrait mode, but it gets the point across. 

As for the video, the improvements in light, color, and definition are also noticeable. If, in addition, you add the super stabilizer effect, you can create a great video clip with this terminal without using stabilizer sticks, although limiting the resolution. The lighter, as always, the better the results. But artificial intelligence solves videos with low light very well to maintain details such as color (something invented) and definition. However, maintaining sharpness will require more patience. 

In conclusion, a really good photographic section in almost all aspects. An average that once again places Samsung among the best cameras of 2022, although it is not the most advanced model in its family.

Premium Performance of Samsung Galaxy S22 , But with Doubts.

Doubts. I seriously doubt that One UI, Samsung’s customization layer, is not doing its thing again with a terminal that, on paper, has a great technical sheet. And that is that the 4-nanometer Exynos 2200 processor that moves all the elements should be more than enough to manage everything efficiently and effectively. It is accompanied by 8GB of RAM to give that solvency and fluidity in elements such as multitasking or moving applications without stopping. However, this mobile has not always been as fast and as efficient as I would expect from a high-end device.

And it’s not that you can’t with current applications and games. Here, there is no problem. I am referring to experiences that are not so fluid and with some other breaks from time to time. Because they are so specific and based on my experience, I attribute them to the customization layer and not to the raw performance of the terminal. In his defense, I will also say that, during this week of use, I stumbled upon a software update that seems to have smoothed things out. And it is that the good thing about the customization layers is that they have a solution. 

Apart from this, I have enjoyed really capable multitasking, with many apps open in the background, so I can jump to any of them in an instant. I’ve also played Pokemon Unite and Tomb Raider Reloaded fluently. Both at home with WiFi and outside. And is the power of this processor has been more than proven, both in terms of moving apps and managing a large number of tasks that we are not aware of: elements associated with Artificial Intelligence in photography, analyzing how we use our phones to better manage the battery, and so on. 

That said, the more I have used the mobile, the better it has worked for me. Although that first sensation of a not-so-Premium mobile in terms of fluidity during the first days of use put me on alert.

Once Again, To Slipstream with The Battery of Samsung Galaxy S22 5G

Let’s see Samsung. The fast charge, finally really fast, at 45 watts is great. But there are things to improve on this new Samsung Galaxy S22. And it seems that this brand is not advancing at the same rate as the rest of the manufacturers (especially the Chinese Oppo, Huawei, or Xiaomi), where the standard is already fast charging from 60 watts onwards. If not, double. This means that phones like the Xiaomi 12(67W fast charge) charge in about 40 minutes, while the Samsung Galaxy S22 needs just over an hour. And beware, all this will happen if we use its original charger, which does not come in the box. And is that, in my experience, I have tried to charge it with the Xiaomi 67W charger or with the Huawei 40W charger, and due to standards issues, they still do not take full advantage of it. So, although it has improved, this generation continues with a “fast charge” in the quote for Samsung.

Except for this fact, the autonomy of its 3,700 mAh battery has been quite balanced for me. Bearing in mind that I am one of those who uses geolocation applications (yes, I am talking about Tinder), games, a lot of WhatsApp, and also a lot of Instagram, most days I do not need a “power nap” to finish the day. Of course, it has taken me a few days to tame the algorithms for mobile use, so the initial scare of the battery being consumed in hours is just that, a scare. After several days, everything goes smoothly for a user who tends to be a hard user. So the rest of the users should have no problem holding on all day. Good job on this, Samsung.

Conclusions After Just Over a Week of Use

It is clear to me that the Galaxy S22 family has arrived to introduce a new stage in Samsung. They are good mobiles as far as I have tried. They solve previous problems such as very slow fast loading, cameras that do not meet the standards of their range, and somewhat outdated value for money. And this Samsung Galaxy S22 is a great example of this and of a balance that should be maintained in future editions. 

Samsung Galaxy S22 5G Mobile Price in Bangladesh 2022

Being the little brother, it can boast of its screen, design, main camera, and, after a few days, performance and autonomy. It is very balanced in all its aspects, although it needs several days to refine the operation and “become the user.” The number of tools that One Ui includes is surprising, although it would be better if it allowed a more fluid operation. 

The only real problem, beyond the buts of the colors of the screen, a fast charge that is not up to the market level, or that you are only going to take most of the photos with the main camera, is if you are willing to pay 74,990 Tk for the terminal. I needed a few days to know that this mobile is balanced and has quality construction and components. The problem is that the market continues to grow in options, with similar experiences in performance for prices of 70,000 Tk, as is the case with Xiaomi and Realme mobiles, for instance. This Samsung Galaxy S22 is not a premium mobile, and perhaps its quality raises its price somewhat above the average. 

This is where you have to decide if you trust Samsung as a brand and prefer to bet on something more expensive and quality, or if the price is important to you and you prefer faster charging, more screen, and other more prominent elements in mobiles from other companies.


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