The missionary sex position is the most common and underrated among other positions. Nowadays, most of us are obsessed with cowgirls and the 69 position. It is the most intimate sexual position as it involves you and your partner lying face-to-face. But the missionary is also an excellent way to enjoy intense sex with an escort. Here are the smartest hacks to make missionary sex pleasurable for you. 

What is Missionary Sex?

Missionary sex means you should be on the top penetrating the escort with your penis. It is the best sex position to get the best out of enjoying with a call girl. Unlike doggy style, missionary requires both of you to make eye contact during intercourse. Eye contact while having sex can send some sparks flying and reignite your passion. 

It is a starter sex position that doesn’t require you to exhibit much flexibility. However, there are some tips and tricks with which you can stimulate the escort’s clitoris and penetrate deeper. 

How to Level Up the Missionary Sex Position? 

Missionary sex can be wildly satisfying if you follow these basic strategies diligently. 

Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Erotic Foreplay 

Irrespective of the sex position, never underestimate foreplay’s importance. Skilled call girls listed on the list crawler platform specialize in various types of foreplay techniques. You shouldn’t downplay the significance of sexual buildup. 

Communicate with the escort so that she knows your preferences for sexual arousal. Try oral sex as your transition to intercourse so that you and the escort can start building up the mood.  

Show Her Nipples Some Love and Affection 

The breasts and the nipples are erogenous zones in a woman. Therefore, you should focus on them to build the momentum leading to intense missionary sex. Most escorts nowadays opt for hands-free stimulation to help you achieve the strongest erection. 

In hands-free stimulation, the chest-to-breast contact can result in increased arousal. It is also an excellent way to take toys and fingers out of the equation.  

Add Some Kink 

Most people commit the mistake of terming missionary sex as a vanilla sex position. The missionary position is suitable for those who want to experience pleasurable orgasms. While indulging in missionary sex with the call girl, ensure to add some kink. 

The escort can use a scarf to blindfold you and build suspense. Based on your preferences, she will also give you some love bites to make you feel aroused. Even role-play sex can involve the missionary position to help you achieve orgasms.  

Ensure Better Penetration 

The missionary position is one of those sex positions which helps you realize the importance of pillows. Try placing a pillow below her butt and experience the smooth sensation of gliding your penis inside the vagina. 

Pillows beneath her butts offers you with a certain degree of elevation and ensures better penetration. However, try using hard pillows that won’t buckle under her weight. These pillows are suitable for you to hold the posture during intense penetrations. 

Sync Your Rhythm 

The ultimate way to enjoy with professional call girls is by adjusting your rhythm. So, instead of rushing to orgasm and a happy ending, slow down. It is important to sync your rhythm with that of the escort for maximum pleasure. Building pace gradually is the most effective way to savor sexual sensations with an escort. Deeper breaths during missionary sex can increase the blood flow and circulation to your pelvis. 

Missionary Sex with Her Legs Up in the Air 

It is the basic missionary sex position that can help you achieve rocking orgasms. Simply get into the missionary position and ensure that she wraps her legs around your hips. It is the most effective position for those guys with big penises. You can easily ram your penis into the G-spot while having sex with the escort in this position.    

Most guys don’t think about angling while having missionary sex with professional call girls. However, every woman has two to three angles through which she can experience increased pleasure. Your main objective in missionary sex is to penetrate her deeper. 

These tips and tricks will come in handy to enhance your pleasure during intercourse. You can now get the best out of missionary sex positions by hiring call girls from Ladys.One. They have voluptuous escorts listed on their platform. 

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