Especially at the beginning of a cold, you can effectively fight the symptoms with a full bath. The warmth of the water promotes the circulation of your mucous membranes and thus the multiplication of viruses is somewhat stopped. So you are healthy enough to enjoy the fastest withdrawal online casino.

The cold bath soothes your symptoms and appropriate bath additives with eucalyptus allow you to breathe easier. Important: Allow yourself to rest after the full bath – it is best to take a bath before going to bed at night.

Even if you have had a cold for a long time, a hot and relaxing full bath is worthwhile as a home remedy. If you have a fever, however, you should not take a bath. In addition, a full bath uses a lot of water, so it’s better to take more showers than baths. 


Tea – and lots of it – is a must during the cold season. Here you can vary wonderfully, because there are many herbal remedies that you can brew into tea.

Ginger is not one of the healing spices of Indian Ayurveda for nothing: This household remedy is perfect against colds. It not only stimulates digestion, but also promotes blood circulation and inhibits the multiplication of viruses. Anyone who has ever drunk ginger tea knows the diaphoretic effect – this tea warms you up properly and is a real turbo remedy against colds.

And here’s how easy it is to make your own ginger tea: Grab a ginger bulb, cut off a thumb-thick piece, peel it and chop it into small pieces. When peeling, make sure to remove the peel as thinly as possible. This will preserve much of the effective compounds that sit just under the peel. You can also just leave the peel on, but make sure to buy the ginger in organic quality and to wash the tuber before preparation.

The smaller the pieces, the more intense the tea flavor later. If you like it particularly intense, puree the ginger with a blender to ginger puree. Put the pieces or the puree into a large cup and pour boiling water over it. Let the ginger tea steep for a while and add some honey and lemon if necessary.


The smaller the ginger pieces, the more intense the taste.

Another good supporter in autumn and winter is sage, which grows in many home gardens. Unlike ginger, this home remedy has an antiperspirant effect. It is also antiseptic, antispasmodic and effective against viruses as well as fungi. Drink it as sage tea – fresh leaves are available at the weekly market – or gargle with sage water.

You know thyme only as a spice from the savory cuisine? Use thyme as a home remedy for colds with coughs – thyme cough syrup has a bronchodilator, cough suppressant and antibacterial effect. You can also use thyme oil as a mouthwash for sore throat.

Our tea quartet is completed by ribwort plantain, which is not only effective against mosquito bites, but also helps with coughs, bronchitis and asthma. Turbo home remedy ribwort stimulates the immune system and has an antibacterial effect, it also positively affects the structure of the mucous membrane. Pour the leaves of ribwort plantain into tea or boil them into a syrup.

You can still add honey to any tea. However, add it only when the water has cooled down a bit. Honey loses its healing properties when the temperature is too high. You can also eat it pure from a spoon as a natural remedy and let it melt slowly in your mouth.

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