The latest mobile update to aadhaar allows individuals to download their aadhaar and store it on their mobile phones. Aadhaar is india’s biometric identification system that assigns a unique identification number to each citizen and is used for accessing government services.
 Mobile Update In Aadhaar
Mobile Update In Aadhaar
The mobile update to aadhaar now allows individuals to download their aadhaar on their mobile phones, which is a convenient and secure way to carry the identity document. This feature can be accessed through the maadhaar app, available on both android and ios platforms.
The app also allows users to share their aadhaar details offline, using a qr code. Previously, the maadhaar app only allowed individuals to view their details, but now with the mobile update, individuals can carry their aadhaar with them and access government services with ease.

Benefits Of Mobile Update In Aadhaar

With the fast-paced world we live in today, every service is becoming mobile-centric, and the government is no different. Mobile update in aadhaar is a step towards making the authentication process simpler, faster, and more secure. In this blog post, we will cover some of the key benefits of mobile update in aadhaar.

Increased Convenience For Users

The mobile update in aadhaar allows users to update their details on their mobile phones, eliminating the need to visit the aadhaar center physically. Users can carry out mobile updates such as address or name-change at their convenience, anytime and anywhere.
This service has significantly reduced waiting times and long queues, making life easier for users.
Bullet points:
  • Users can avail themselves of the service from anywhere, anytime, eliminating the need to visit the aadhaar center physically.
  • It has reduced waiting times and long queues, providing greater convenience to users.

Better Security Features

Before mobile update, users had to submit their documents physically to the center, leaving a scope for potential fraud or data leakages. With the introduction of mobile update, the need for physical submission of documents has been reduced. The provision of otps, totp, and biometric authentication has made the process secure and reliable.
Bullet points:
  • Users can update their details on mobile phones, eliminating physical submission of documents.
  • The process is secure with the provision of otps, totps, and biometric authentication.
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Improved Authentication Process

The mobile update in aadhaar provides a much simpler and easier authentication process, reducing the time taken for verification. The availability of a mobile number with every user has enabled biometric validation efficiently. The instant validation of biometric data has eradicated the need for physical verification, thus simplifying the process further.
Bullet points:
  • The authentication process has become simpler and easier compared to the previous method.
  • Biometric validation takes place efficiently, with instant validation of data available on mobile phones.

Facilitates Access To Government Services

The mobile update in aadhaar enables users to access various government services such as banking, insurance, and pan applications, among others. Users can present their aadhaar number with ease, simplifying the process of accessing these services further.
Bullet points:
  • Mobile update in aadhaar allows users to access government services such as banking, insurance, and pan registration, among others.
  • Presentation of the aadhaar number has been simplified, making accessing government services easier for users.
The mobile update in aadhaar has revolutionized the authentication process in the country, providing convenience, security, and simplicity to millions of users across india.

Step-By-Step Guide For Updating Mobile Number In Aadhaar

Mobile update in aadhaar is a crucial task that enables individuals to keep their information updated in the government database. Updating mobile numbers in aadhaar has become even more convenient with the recent mobile update in aadhaar, which allows individuals to update their contact details through an online process, by post, or through enrollment centers.
In this section of the blog post, we will explore the step-by-step process for updating mobile numbers in aadhaar, alongside the documents required for this process and common errors to avoid.

Documents Required For Mobile Update In Aadhaar

Before updating your mobile number in aadhaar, it is essential to prepare the necessary documents beforehand, which include:
  • A self-attested copy of your aadhaar card
  • A self-attested copy of your mobile number verification document
  • A self-attested proof of address document

Methods To Update Mobile Number In Aadhaar

There are three methods to update mobile numbers in aadhaar. These methods include:


To update your mobile number in aadhaar online, follow these steps:
  • Visit the official uidai website
  • Click on the ‘update your aadhaar’ option and then click on ‘update your mobile number’
  • Enter your aadhaar number and the captcha code
  • Otp will be sent to the existing mobile number registered with aadhaar
  • Enter the otp and update your mobile number

Through Post

To update your mobile number through post, follow these steps:
  • Visit the official uidai website
  • Download the aadhaar update form
  • Fill in the form and select ‘mobile number’ under the field ‘what do you want to update?’
  • Enclose a self-attested copy of your aadhaar card, mobile number verification document, and proof of address document
  • Send the form and documents to the uidai office address mentioned on the website
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Through Enrollment Centers

To update your mobile number in aadhaar through enrollment centers, follow these steps:
  • Visit the nearest aadhaar enrollment center
  • Fill the aadhaar update form and select the ‘mobile number’ option
  • Submit the form and provide your biometric data for authentication
  • Pay the enrolment fees and collect the acknowledgement slip

Common Errors Made During Mobile Update

While updating the mobile number in aadhaar, the following common errors must be avoided:
  • Providing an incorrect mobile number
  • Providing an incorrect aadhaar number
  • Providing incorrect documents or details
  • Failing to self-attest the documents

Checking The Status Of Your Mobile Update

To check the status of your mobile update, you can visit the official uidai website and click the ‘check status’ button. You will need to enter your aadhaar number and the urn number mentioned on the acknowledgement slip received during the update process.
Updating your mobile number in aadhaar has become an easy and convenient process with the recent mobile update in aadhaar. By keeping the necessary documents ready and following the step-by-step guide thoroughly, you can effortlessly keep your information up-to-date in the aadhaar database.

Common Issues Faced In Mobile Update In Aadhaar

Mobile update in aadhaar is a crucial process that people often find challenging to navigate. While the process offers advantages, such as the ability to access various government services with ease, there are common issues that can hinder users from taking advantage of this update.
This section will focus on the common problems encountered during the mobile update process, technical difficulties, other problems faced by users, and resolving such issues with the aadhaar helpdesk.

Technical Difficulties

The mobile update in aadhaar might encounter technical challenges that can prevent the process from being seamless. Some of the common technical difficulties include:
  • Otp not received: Due to network fluctuations, it is possible not to receive an otp during the update process.
  • Not compatible browser: The mobile update process requires a compatible browser. Failing to use a suitable browser can hinder the update process.
  • Incorrect details: Providing incorrect details, such as mobile number or aadhaar number, can also cause technical difficulties during the mobile update process.

Other Problems Faced By Users

Apart from technical difficulties, there are other issues encountered during the mobile update process. These include:
  • Incompatible documents: Users might upload incompatible documents during the update process, such as unreadable photos.
  • Non-verification of documents: The verification process of uploaded documents can fail, leading to rejection of the mobile update.
  • Unavailability of registered mobile number: Sometimes, users might find that their primary mobile number is not available, making it difficult to process a mobile update.

Resolving Issues With The Aadhaar Helpdesk

The aadhaar helpdesk is a valuable tool that can aid in resolving common issues encountered during the mobile update process. The helpdesk offers support to users through a myriad of channels, including email and phone calls. Here are some of the ways to resolve issues with the aadhaar helpdesk:
  • Email: Sending an email to the aadhaar helpdesk can help users receive assistance with their issues.
  • Phone call: The aadhaar helpdesk provides a toll-free number, enabling users to speak with customer care representatives for assistance.
  • Chat support: Chat support is another facility provided by the aadhaar helpdesk to resolve issues faced by users during the mobile update process.
The mobile update process in aadhaar is a vital undertaking that offers numerous benefits. However, users must be aware of the common technical difficulties and other problems they might encounter during the update process. The aadhaar helpdesk presents users with an avenue to seek assistance in resolving challenges encountered during the mobile update process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mobile Update In Aadhaar: Frequently Asked Questions

With the new mobile update in aadhaar, there have been many questions and concerns surrounding the eligibility, documentation, procedures, security, and privacy of this government-issued identification system. In the following sections, we will address some of the most frequently asked questions (faqs) related to the mobile update in aadhaar.

Questions On Eligibility, Documentation, And Procedures

Who Is Eligible To Update Their Aadhaar Through Mobile?

What documentation is required for a successful mobile update of aadhaar?

What Is The Procedure For Updating Aadhaar Through Mobile?

Questions On Security And Privacy Concerns

What measures have been taken to ensure the security of personal information during the mobile update process?

What Steps Does Aadhaar Take To Protect Users’ Privacy?

How does aadhaar ensure that personal information is not misused or shared with unauthorized parties?
By following the guidelines and instructions provided by aadhaar and carefully going through the faqs, users can complete the mobile update process successfully and with confidence that their personal information is secure and protected.

Frequently Asked Questions For Mobile Update In Aadhaar

What Is The Mobile Update In Aadhaar?

The mobile update in aadhaar is a facility that allows citizens to update their aadhaar info through mobile.

How Can I Update My Aadhaar Mobile Number?

You can update your aadhaar mobile number by following a simple process that includes biometric verification.

Is It Mandatory To Link My Mobile Number With Aadhaar?

Yes, it is mandatory to link your mobile number with aadhaar, as it is required for various services.

Can I Update My Biometric Data Using Mobile Update In Aadhaar?

No, you cannot update your biometric data using the mobile update in aadhaar facility. You have to visit an aadhaar center for that.

How Will I Know If My Mobile Number Is Linked With Aadhaar?

You can check the status of your mobile number linking with aadhaar online by visiting the uidai official website.

What Is The Fee For Mobile Update In Aadhaar?

There is no fee charged for mobile update in aadhaar, it is free of cost.

Can I Change My Registered Mobile Number Via Mobile Update In Aadhaar?

No, you cannot change your registered mobile number via mobile update in aadhaar. You have to go for the offline process.


After the implementation of mobile update in aadhaar, the government has made it easier for the common people of india to access their aadhaar information through their mobile phones. In today’s digital age, every individual expects the government to provide quick and easy access to all important information.
With the mobile update, the government is taking an important step towards digitization of the government services. It is a boon for those who find it difficult to carry their aadhaar card with them every time. The mobile update also assures better security for aadhaar information as the user will be asked for biometrics or otp before accessing the data.
As the government aims to make the digital identity of each citizen easily accessible, it is now our responsibility to safeguard our personal information and use it only for legal purposes. Overall, the mobile update in aadhaar is a positive step towards the digital transformation of the country.

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